Thoughts and ideas to help you make your day extra special

Thoughts and ideas to help you make your day extra special


Keeping it Fresh

Civil Celebrant, Norfolk, Suffolk and the World - Keeping It Fresh  more  

The Right Fit For YOU Norfolk, Suffolk and Beyond Independent Celebrant

Independent Celebrant, Your Choice Your ceremony your way, theatrical ceremonies beautifully bespoke ceremonies  more  

You Don’t Have To Be A Celebrity To Have Your Perfect Celebration Of Life

asking people to think about their unique funerals, not just in crematoriums or churches, but in hotels, gardens, and beaches. Encouraging people to work with an independent celebr...  more  

Music For Your Entrance

We use music to set a scene, to uplift our mood, to create fantasy and express feelings when we have no words.  more  

Have You Thought About Your Funeral?

We all deserve choice. We are all different so we make different choices. This is all possible and does not need to be expensive.  more  

Why Not Add A Mini Ceremony? A Few Examples

There are so many possibilities for mini ceremonies, have a look at a few ideas here!  more  

Are You Superstitious?

I love learning about it all. It is just great as it gives me more ideas about how I can make your day the best it can be.   more  


I adore having a job where love is at the heart of everything I do. Whatever the ceremony there is love, family, friends, laughter and sometime tears, and it is all good.  more  

Would You Say I Do Again? I Would X

I really love the thought of renewing my vows, as I would be able to have the ceremony that I wanted, without some of the constraints of a church ceremony.  more  


I get a thrill making a connection with new people and finding out about their lives and what makes them tick. It is a privilege to be part of a couple's wedding, or to be there f...  more