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Additional celebrant services: Mistress of Ceremonies and wedding speeches

I really love supporting couples and families, and I want to make sure that your ceremony is the best. I am happy to support you in whatever way may be helpful. I can recommend venues, caterers, photographers, transport and more. Even if I do not have the answer, I am sure to know somebody who does.

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Wedding Speech Surgery

So, before the big day members of the wedding party may be nervous about giving their speech. I have been talking to audiences for the last 35 years and thought out this time I have learnt how to write and deliver speeches.

As a Mistress of Ceremonies, when I perform my wedding speeches I use a number of techniques to get myself in to the right frame of mind, to calm my nerves. I have learnt how to edit scripts, pace them, and pause for the laughter. I can teach you these techniques and review your speech. This will be offered on a one-to-one basis, so you do not spoil any of the surprises on the actual day.

If you have any doubts call me to discuss what help and support you require, I am happy to help.

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Mistress of Ceremony

I can also give you more support the day of your ceremony by acting as your Mistress of Ceremonies. I would be there to ensure the smooth running of the day. I can help with the organising of photos, announcing the couple as they enter the room. Anything that would be of help, I will also be there to support you, a friendly calming face to help you have the best day of your life.

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As a civil celebrant, I am happy to help anyone who wants to make their ceremony their own. Contact me, Jules, at Beautifully Bespoke Ceremonies, on 07956 355735. You are welcome to call, text, or WhatsApp me.

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