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Whatever the event, if you are planning a wedding, funeral or naming ceremony, I am here to help. Many people believe the ceremony for events like weddings, funerals, or naming celebrations is constrained by religious regulations, and this is simply not true nowadays. For example, you can complete the legal aspect of your marriage in a registry office and have the rest of the ceremony, including exchanging vows, in a place and setting of your choosing. You do not need a funeral director or a crematorium to host a funeral or a memorial service.

There is so much scope to make a ceremony personal to yourself and your beliefs, and I am here to help as a  celebrant in Suffolk as much as you need.





Frequently Asked Questions

Weddings, vow renewals and commitment ceremonies

What form does the ceremony take?

I will be proud and honoured to create a ceremony based around celebrating the love you have for each other and the love of your family and friends. It is all about who you are as individuals and as a couple. I will talk to you and work with you to create the perfect day. It can be as long or short as you like, in whatever venue will be special for you, and include any special elements that will make you have a day which you will remember and cherish for all of your lives together. We can even include your pets! I will talk to you and find out about the two of you – how you met, what you both like, your beliefs, and anything else that will be important in planning your big day. Lots of people want a wedding that includes some of the traditional elements, and we can make sure yours does just that, but we can also make it something which is very different if that is what you want and which represents you as two unique individuals and a special couple. It is your day, and I want to make it as special as possible, with words, music and elements that mean something to you both.

Where can we hold the ceremony?

Because there is no legal element to the ceremony - it is just about you - it can be held anywhere you want, indoors or outdoors. The location does not need to be registered to perform marriages. Where it happens is your choice, and should mean something to the two of you. It could be the place you first met or had your first date, or just somewhere you love, including your own home. I can work with you to help you think of the perfect location and give you advice on how to make that happen. It can be in a hotel or restaurant, a wood or a beach, near your home, or a special destination. It can include as many or as few people as you want.

How long will the ceremony be?

Again, this is entirely up to you. It can be as short as half an hour, or include an afternoon or evening event you plan as well as the ceremony.

Will we have a rehearsal?

Absolutely. Having a rehearsal will mean you and any others involved in the ceremony can relax knowing exactly what will happen on your big day and be confident it will all go smoothly and be everything you want it to be.

Is the ceremony legally binding?

The ceremony will not be legally binding – only council Registrars and some religious ministers are allowed to legally register a marriage. However, the legal part of a wedding is not what makes your day special, that is the celebration of your love in front of your family and friends and that is the part I am passionate about making perfect for you. You can still do the legal requirements, which can be as simple as the couple and two witnesses – before or after the special ceremony I create for you. If you wish to legally marry or enter a civil partnership at a Register Office, you will have to pay a fee to register a UK marriage or civil partnership – different fees may apply abroad. The fee is £46 if you have the ceremony at a register office, but may be more at other venues. Ask the registrar or religious minister for details. The marriage or civil partnership certificate costs £4 on the day of the event or £10 after. You may need a copy to prove your marital status in the future. This can be subject to change so it is always best to contact your local Registry Office. Register Offices can be found via Norfolk or Suffolk County Council websites.

Do we need to get legally married first?

You can have a Beautifully Bespoke Ceremony whether or not you are legally married and if you are, you can have a ceremony with me no matter how long ago that was - you can have a Vow Renewal at any time and many people choose to do that after some years of marriage. I celebrate your love and that is more important than a piece of paper.

Can it include religious elements?

I am not affiliated to any particular religion, but that does not mean we cannot include some religious elements in your ceremony. There are also lots of other special rituals you can include. Together we will create a magical day for you both, from your entrance to the vows and beyond. We can add mini ceremonies such as hand fasting, sand ceremonies and get your friends and family involved. It is your day, and I will make sure it truly is the best day of your lives.

Do we need to write a script?

The script for your wedding is something we will create together. If you have ideas of what you would like I will make sure they are incorporated into the ceremony, but even if you have not planned anything at all, I will be honoured to work with you and make sure your special day is unique to you and reflects who you are.


Naming ceremonies

What is a Naming Ceremony?

There are many types of naming ceremony including welcoming a baby or an adopted child into your family, or even changing your own name. The ceremony marks this with your family and friends and can take whatever form you would like. I would be honoured to discuss this with you and design a ceremony based around the person who is being named and you and your loved ones.


Funerals and Memorials

What is the Difference between a Funeral and a Memorial Event?

Funerals are formal events that generally take place at a Church (for burials) or Crematorium. Memorial Events can take place anywhere to celebrate the life of the deceased and may include scattering of ashes – particularly if you have arranged a cremation only without a service. As a funeral celebrant in Suffolk, I believe that funerals, like all events, should be based on the life of the person and I am passionate about designing them around that life, the love they shared with their family, and the wishes of the person and those closest to them. I will work with you to make sure that life is celebrated in the way you and they wish, whether that is part of a funeral service or memorial event.

Do I need to book you through a funeral director or can I do it directly?

Most funeral directors have celebrants they work with regularly, but you can choose whoever you want to be involved. I will take the time to get to know you and the person whose life we are celebrating.

Do you perform ceremonies for pets?

Of course. Pets are part of your family and it is important to mark the love you had for each other. Being a funeral celebrant in Suffolk, I can help this to happen at a burial in a pet cemetery, your own garden, or as part of scattering their ashes in a spot you and your pet loved.





I promise I can bring your ceremony to life!

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