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Are you or any of your friends and family nervous about making speeches or giving readings? If so I can help you or them prepare for the big day and make sure everything goes smoothly so it will be the speech of their lives.

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I can run a one to one Zoom session where I can give tips in the essential arts needed to calm the nerves and make everyone sound professional when talking in public at a ceremony or event.

A lifetime of performing as an actor and stand-up comedian have given me the skills to make sure my delivery and timing are perfect, and I can help anyone do the same with tips of the trade.

The course includes a review of their speech as well as techniques for relaxation, breathing, voice projection, posture, timing and gestures as well as use of props.


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My Offer To You

The cost is £75pp, which can be negotiated if there is more than one attendee per wedding party.

You will get:

  • 90 minutes of one to one coaching via Zoom
  • Help with relaxation and nerves
  • Help with breathing, posture and projection
  • A review of the speech with advice on length and content
  • Advice on timing - especially use of humour
  • Advice on gestures and props
  • Support on the day if I am acting as Mistress of Ceremonies




 I am a civil celebrant offering everyone the chance to make their ceremony their own. 
Please contact me for a free consultation on 07956 355735.
You are welcome to call, text, or WhatsApp me.

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