What does Music do for you?


I am a real music lover and I love to sing. I like all genres, depending on my mood.


If I am going for a walk along the Norfolk coastline, I normally play 90s dance music and it sends a message to my legs to move.

If I listen to classical, I feel like I could be a top ballerina, my arms float in the air – like I really just don’t care.

When having a romantic dinner, I like to listen to R&B and love songs which helps to slow me down, soften my heart and allow me to gaze in to my partner's eyes.


Remembering that love is love is love.


I like to listen to rap and heavy metal when I am feeling angry. It somehow releases all of the tension as I dance around a room.


If I want to cry, I listen to blues, and really feel the music and the authenticity of others. When I want a good laugh I listen to cheesy pop.

Music is also a really good way to remember those who are no longer with us. My Dad loved country music, so when I want to be close to him, I put that on.


And Jazz, well as we are being honest, it just confuses me


We use music to set a scene, to uplift our mood, to create fantasy and express feelings when we have no words.

It is the same when creating a beautifully bespoke ceremony, it helps to think about the mood we would like to create.

The first music your friends and families will hear is when the wedding party is walking down the aisle. This is a really good opportunity for the couple to establish the vibe of the day.


Remember you can have live music or choose a song that your friends and family can sing as you enter the ceremony area.


Think about what would uplift, calm, help you to be present, or relax you. Find music that truly reflects you and your partner.

Some examples:


If you want a great song to help your guests feel really involved, why not enter to Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond – great words, “hands touching hands”, or Happy by Pharrell Williams.


Why not dance down the aisle, or even better have a flash mob to I Got a Feeling by the Black-Eyed Peas or Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars.


May be you want to encourage your friends and family to laugh, so why not come in to Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon, White Wedding by Billy Idol or I’m Too Sexy by Right Said Fred.


If you want to establish a classy traditional ceremony you may want to use a piece of classical music such as March of the Priests by Mozart, Spring (from the Four Seasons) by Antonio Vivaldi, Méditation by Jules Massenet, or Edward Elgar's Salut d'Amour


These are just a few suggestions for walking down the aisle. When you have a bespoke wedding written for you there are so many opportunities to embed music through the ceremony. Entrance, signing the wedding ceremony certificate, before a mini ceremony, the exit and then your first dance. The music can be recorded, live, or zoomed in from another part of the world.


The joy of working with me as an Independent Celebrant is that I will write a unique ceremony, that has only been written for you. If you love music we can use it to set the mood and tell your love story. As a couple you will be listened to and we will co-create your bespoke ceremony.


A ceremony where we stamp your personalities, your likes, and your hobbies throughout the whole event.


I will stand with you both on your special day, offering support and love. Ensuring that everything we have talked about becomes a reality.


It is such an honour to be able to celebrate love and I think that music is an important part of the celebration. It can move us more than just words, because it enables us to feel, it reminds us of times past and where we were when we heard it.


Much Love Jules x

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