I really love the thought of renewing my vows, as I would be able to have the ceremony that I wanted, without some of the constraints of a church ceremony. When I got married just over 13 years ago, I thought that were 2 options, a church wedding or a registrar led wedding. I had never heard of a celebrant. We opted for a church wedding because some of our family believed that God was an integral player and we wanted to respect them - and also because the church was beautiful.

If I had known then, that as long as I legally married (signing the official paperwork. before or after the celebrant led ceremony) I could choose to have an independent celebrant, who could write and deliver a beautifully bespoke ceremony, which could include religious elements including hymns or prayers and mini ceremonies such as Light a Fire and African tradition where the two families bring flames from their own hearths and make a new fire, or a Chinese Tea Ceremony where the couple pours cups of tea and presents them to the parents and important family members. You can literally do anything (as long as it is legal). The ceremony can reflect you and your family. When I renew my vows, I am definitely going to have a crown of wild flowers, which comes from an Irish wedding and I fancy a tug of war to pull both sides of the family together.

One of the other positives is you can have your ceremony wherever you want it. We are so lucky living on the east coast - we have beautiful beaches in Lowestoft, Southwold, Great Yarmouth, Gorleston, and Kessingland (although it is a walk to the sea). We have beautiful buildings and of course you may have a beautiful garden where you can have your ceremony.

It really can be your vow renewal your way. All you need is a little inspiration to make your day a day to remember.

I would be honoured to co-create your vow renewal x


Much Love Jules x

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